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Photos courtesy of Bermuda Department of Tourism

Bermuda is actually a string of small islands, connected by bridges and ferries, offering pink sand beaches, a very relaxed and sophisticated British lifestyle, and quaint charm all its own. Famous for its many top golf courses, it has a full range of accommodations, from large, full service resorts, to cottage colonies, to apartments and guest houses. Bermuda is most popular in the summer, when the beaches are best, while the Caribbean is best in winter.

Bermuda is not only an attractive fly-in destination, but during the summer season no fewer than four cruise ships from three different lines, sail to Bermuda every week, from New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Some of the hotel companies on Bermuda include Fairmont, with two, and Wyndham; among the top independent hotels is Cambridge Beaches, a classically Bermudian cottage colony; Ariel Sands; and Harmony Club, the island’s only all-inclusive.

Bermuda’s unique charm and sophistication make it very appealing to honeymooners, golfers, shoppers, and beach lovers, who all enjoy its pink sand beaches.

Not To Be Missed – Special Events in 2007
Bermuda Music Festival – October 3-6
PGA Grand Slam – October 15-17

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