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Photos courtesy of Barbados Tourism Authority

Barbados is quintessentially British West Indian, with afternoon tea served at many hotels; cricket played everywhere; a university; and a horse racing track and season. Its more than 400 years of consistent, peaceful existence has left it confident, prosperous, and well-loved by those who know it best.

With beaches on three sides, and hotels on two, Barbados offers visitors a wide range of experiences. The west coast is often referred to as the Gold Coast, with many top resorts and villas on land originally developed for palatial homes. The south coast is more upbeat, with beaches, restaurants, and nightclubs, all close by a number of top new hotels. The airport is near the southeast corner of the island, and the east coast beaches are highly photogenic, but the Atlantic Ocean currents make them totally unsafe.

Most hotels are locally owned – of the major U.S. companies, only Hilton and Fairmont are represented here. The quality of operation and upkeep is very high, and several hotels are famous – Cobblers Cove; the Coral Reef Club; and the world-class Sandy Lane Hotel. Other appealing options include The Savannah; the Almond Beach Resorts; and the Bougainvillea Beach Resort.

Taken altogether, Barbados is a smooth running machine, with years of practice and experience at pleasing people.

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