Trinidad & Tobago

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Photos courtesy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourist Office

Trinidad and Tobago are two independent islands, joined together for international purposes, but functioning separately for most others. Trinidad has an extremely rich and varied culture. Its economy is highly commercial, and its principal tourist attraction is its annual frenetic Carnival, in mid to late February each year. This is one thing that truly puts Trinidad on the world map. The other main source of fame and celebrity is the Asa Wright Nature Center, a world-class facility that draws scientists from every corner of the world to study its incredible flora and fauna. Tobago, the smaller of the two, is just 22 miles away, but almost entirely different in feel. Quieter and slower paced, it can be divided roughly into thirds – the southwest holds most of the population, the capital, the airport, and most of the resorts. The center is a strictly controlled nature reserve, dating from the 18th century; and the northeast is very lightly inhabited, but with many top dive spots.

Tobago resorts include the Coco Reef Resort, the Hilton Tobago Resort and Golf Club, and the Blue Haven Resort, as well as the unusual Kariwak Holistic Resort.

Not To Be Missed – Trinidad’s Carnival absolutely rocks the house, and the street, and the town; at the Asa Wright Nature Center, biologists come from all over the world to study. On Tobago, meet JoJo, the giant fish and friendly guide to the Scarlett Ibis wreck dive.


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