Located in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica enjoys a standard of living, education, and healthcare that is the envy of all its neighbors. Combining tropical rain forests, volcanoes and geothermal activity, and beautiful beaches, it has attractions to rival any Caribbean island.

But what makes it truly distinctive is the fact that, with only 0.03% of the surface of the earth, Costa Rica contains nearly 6% of the planet’s biodiversity. This means that exploring the interior is not only a very special experience, it’s a truly world-class one. With ten National parks spread across the entire length and breadth of the country, Costa Rica has an enormous amount to offer.

Adventure travelers can choose snorkeling, kayaking, and sport fishing; bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, canopy tours, aerial trams through the rain forest, zip lining, and animal watching, with crocodiles, manatees, otters, and sea turtles in prominence.

Good quality infrastructure means most of the country is easily and quickly accessible. And accommodations are available at every level, in many locations and settings, with many very special jungle lodges in the interior in particular.

Guanacaste State, in the northwest, has some of the best and most accessible beaches, with direct flights into nearby Liberia. The Arenal volcano is in the north central area, and 1-week itineraries combining these two are popular. But many other resorts and hotels exist, along the entire Pacific coast and throughout the country, and many parts of the interior offer a plethora of recreation and activity options, enough to keep anyone busy for two weeks or more.

Not To Be Missed – Hot springs near the Arenal volcano; tree-top observation tours by canopy walks or aerial trams.

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